General strike, 8 march, International Women’s Day

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Today is March 8, International Women’s Day. On the occasion of this day has been called throughout Spain a general strike that has had great reception in many sectors, so the Ministry of Development has dictated a series of minimum services for public service transport, whether traveling by road, air or rail.

Renfe has reported that as far as Barcelona is concerned, the Rodalies de Catalunya, suburban and regional service, which affects the train service to Barcelona airport, will provide services in 33% throughout the day. The conventional long-distance and high-speed AVE trains running in Catalonia are guaranteed a service of 72%.

The public buses that go from Barcelona city to the Barcelona-El Prat Airport, guarantee their services of 50% during the whole day.

In Madrid and the rest of Spain, essential services have been decreed for the various suburban centres, essential services have been calculated at a maximum percentage of 75% of traffic at peak times and 50% of the usual service the rest of the day. Sixty-five per cent of trains will run in the medium distance and 72 per cent in the high-speed/long-distance sector.