Security staff at Barcelona airport call a new strike during the Mobile World Congress Barcelona

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The private security workers at Barcelona airport, now working for Trablisa, called a strike from February 24 to March 3.

These dates are especially important for the airport and the city, since they coincide with the Mobile World Congress Barcelona #MWC19, scheduled this year for the days of February 25-28, and which greatly increased the number of flights arriving in Barcelona.

The workers demand from the company a series of labor improvements and an increase in personnel. The strike committee says that the new company fails to meet half of the obligations it undertook to accept, and requires more training, an increase in salary and other obligations that the company neglects.

The strike committee registered the call for strikes yesterday at the Treball Department. Juan Carlos Giménez, the workers’ adviser, says there is enough time to sit down and reach an agreement.

The Mobile World Congress Barcelona congress attracted 107,000 visitors last year. During the celebration of the event, from February 26 to March 1, 2018, the Barcelona airport operated 328 private flights. 48% of the flights came from Europe; International business and corporate aviation flights accounted for 23%, and domestic flights 29% of flights in that period.